Fieldbus Configuration in CODESYS

Fieldbus configuration in e!COCKPIT and CODESYS can differ to varying degrees depending on the fieldbus used. Some CODESYS configurators can be integrated into e!COCKPIT with slight adjustments. In this regard, the differences between the use of the two tools are comparatively small. For other configurators (such as Modbus), various modifications have been made for e!COCKPIT. This results in bigger differences in the comparison between e!COCKPIT and CODESYS. After migrating your project, use the native fieldbus configurators from CODESYS. Note that this renders WAGO fieldbus configuration documentation inapplicable; use the CODESYS online help instead at (up to service pack 17) and (current service pack).

When you start a new project and add a device, the device tree below the device is initially empty. At the beginning, you create fieldbus elements in the device tree and arrange further devices below them. Devices are generally connected by adding master/slave elements below the respective fieldbus element. For devices of a project, generally only fieldbuses that the device supports can be selected and configured.