Installing the “WAGO Licensing” Add-on

You need the add-on if you want to use licensed WAGO libraries or fieldbus functions from WAGO in CODESYS (e.g., certain WAGO libraries, the WAGO telecontrol configurator or WAGO Solution Builder). The “WAGO Licensing” add-on indicates the required licenses in CODESYS.

Note: To install files, you must be logged into the CODESYS Installer as an administrator.

  1. You need to have downloaded and unpacked the “WAGO Licensing” add-on.
    You also need to have installed the WAGOupload software.
  1. Open the CODESYS Installer .... (via the “Tools” tab or the Start menu > “CODESYS” > “CODESYS Installer”).
  2. Click [Install Files] in the lower area.
  3. Select the *.package file for the add-on.
  4. To install the add-on, click [Open].
  5. The add-on shows you which licenses you need for your project.