Installing WAGO Components collectively via Package Files

Note: To install files, you must be logged into the CODESYS Installer as an administrator.

  1. You have downloaded a package that contains several device descriptions and/or libraries, visualization styles, etc. You can install package contents together in only one step.
  1. On the “Tools” tab, click CODESYS Installer ... (via the “Tools” tab or the Start menu > “CODESYS” > “CODESYS Installer”).
  2. In the lower section, click [Install File].
  3. Select the respective *.package file and click [Open].
  1. All components contained in the *.package file are installed.
    Installed device descriptions/devices are now automatically displayed for you to select when you create a new project and select “Standard Project” as the template. I/O modules resulting from the installed device descriptions are also displayed when you search for I/O modules (right-click on “kbus” > Scan for Devices ...).