Updating a Project in e!COCKPIT

You must first make sure that your project works in e!COCKPIT with firmware version 22. Since this firmware already uses the same compiler version (3.5.17) as you will then use to perform the conversion to CODESYS, this preliminary test can be used to minimize sources of error.

  1. You need to have opened your project in e!COCKPIT.
  1. In the Backstage view > “Updates & Add-ons” page, check whether you are using the latest e!COCKPIT version 1.11. If not, select it and install the update.
  2. Update the firmware of your devices to firmware version 22, if you have not already.
    For a description of the firmware changes, see Downloading the Firmware and Replacing the Firmware in the e!COCKPIT manual.
  3. Check whether the updated project works as desired.