Transferring Licenses with WAGOupload

If you have installed the “WAGO Licensing” add-on, required licenses are displayed in CODESYS in the message window. Transfer these licenses to the device using WAGOupload:

  1. Click [Manage Licenses] in the WAGOupload main menu.
  2. Click [Add] and enter your license data.
  3. Go [Back to the Main Menu].
  4. Click [Synchronize Licenses].
  5. Enter the IP address of your controller, click [Find Controller] and select it from the list.
  6. The [Next] button takes you to the list of licensed products.
  7. Next to the licensed product, select the number of licenses to transfer, click [Next] and perform the synchronization.
  1. The device’s licensing requirements are met.

Note: The “WAGO Licensing” add-on only applies to WAGO components; license-based CODESYS components are transferred/synchronized via CODESYS mechanisms (“Tools” tab > “License Manager”/“License Repository”).