“WAGO Telecontrol” Add-on “(Telecontrol Configurator) – First Steps

  1. Install the add-on as described in Installing the “WAGO Telecontrol” Add-on.
  2. Add a controller to your project that supports “Telecontrol,” such as a PFC200, 750-8212.
  3. Right-click on the controller and click [Insert Device ...].
  4. Inserting a Device
  5. Select the “WAGO Telecontrol Configurator” entry and click [Insert Device].
  6. Selecting “WAGO Telecontrol Configurator”
  7. The configurator is inserted into the device tree.
  8. Double-click on the configurator to open the configuration interface.
  9. Opening the Telecontrol Configurator

Tip: Documentation on the use of the Telecontrol Configurator can be found on the WAGO website.