Integrating Available WAGO Device Descriptions and Libraries into CODESYS

CODESYS can search in configured lists of servers for device descriptions and libraries. Install the package “WAGO CODESYS Download Server” to enter links to corresponding WAGO download servers in CODESYS. That way, you always automatically access all available WAGO device descriptions and libraries.

  1. Download the package “WAGO CODESYS Download Server” from the WAGO Download Center (
  2. On the “Tools” tab in CODESYS, click [CODESYS Installer...].
  3. In the lower “Add-ons” section, click [Install File] and select the downloaded package files.
  4. Select the respective *.package file and click [Open].
  5. All components contained in the *.package file are installed.
  6. Missing device descriptions can now be reloaded automatically.
  7. Fehlende Gerätebeschreibung nachladen
  8. The WAGO server for the libraries is now included. If a missing WAGO library is available on the WAGO server, it can now be successfully added in the Library Manager.
  9. Fehlende Bibliotheken nachladen
  10. The WAGO Download Center and the WAGO Navigator are also linked for quick access in the “WAGO” tab of the ribbon.