This document is intended as a guide for the migration of e!COCKPIT projects to CODESYS.

The software must only be installed and operated in accordance with the operating instructions. Knowledge of the operating instructions is required for proper use.

The legal information in the document applies accordingly:

& Product Manual e!COCKPIT (also available as e!COCKPIT Online help).

You can find more information on e!COCKPIT at: www.wago.com.

You can find more information on CODESYS V3.5 in the CODESYS online help at help.codesys.com (up to service pack 17) and in the new online help at helpme-codesys.com (current service pack).

Limitation of Liability

This documentation describes the use of various hardware and software components in specific example applications. The components may represent products or parts of products from different manufacturers. The respective operating instructions from the manufacturers apply exclusively with regard to intended and safe use of the products. The manufacturers of the respective products are solely responsible for the contents of these instructions.

The sample applications described in this documentation represent concepts, that is, technically feasible application. Whether these concepts can actually be implemented depends on various boundary conditions. For example, different versions of the hardware or software components can require different handling than that described here. Therefore, the descriptions contained in this documentation do not form the basis for assertion of a certain product characteristic.

Responsibility for safe use of a specific software or hardware configuration lies with the party that produces or operates the configuration. This also applies when one of the concepts described in this document was used for implementation of the configuration.

WAGO GmbH & Co. KG is not liable for any actual implementation of the concepts.