Updating Firmware for Use in CODESYS

  1. You need to have downloaded and unpacked the firmware. The firmware is available as *.wup and *.img file.
    Note: Firmware version 23 is required for using WAGO devices with CODESYS Runtime (see General Information). After the update, use the devices only in CODESYS.
    If you want to use firmware version 24, this online help provides two examples of migrating Edge Controllers/Touch Panels 600 and PFC200.
  1. Load the firmware onto your device(s) either with WAGOupload (*.wup) or via SD card (*.img):

Updating Firmware with WAGOupload

  1. Click [Update Firmware] in WAGOupload. A wizard guides you through the different steps of the firmware update.
  2. Enter the IP address of the controller and select [Find Controller].
  3. Check the box to the left of the desired controller.
  4. Select the update file (*. wup).
  5. Perform the firmware update.


Updating Firmware via SD Card

  1. Copy the firmware file (*.img) to the SD card, for instance using the “Win32 Disk Imager” or ”UNetbootin” freeware tool.
  2. Switch the controller off, insert the memory card into the SD slot and switch the controller back on.
  3. The controller boots from the memory card with the firmware image to be installed.
  4. After the controller boots up, open the WBM “Administration” page > “Create Boot Image” (you may have to change the IP address temporarily to do so).
  5. To create a new boot image on the internal memory, click [Start Copy].
  6. After the process is complete, turn the controller off, remove the memory card and turn the controller back on.
  7. The controller now starts with the new firmware version.