General Information

Firmware and Compatibility

Project conversions from e!COCKPIT to CODESYS are already supported for many WAGO devices. For the list of compatible devices, refer to the release notes included in the downloaded firmware packages from the WAGO Download Center.

Prerequisite for the conversion:
Before conversion, e!COCKPIT projects must be updated in e!COCKPIT to the e!COCKPIT version 1.11, firmware version 22, compiler version 3.5.17; see Updating a Project in e!COCKPIT.
Devices that are used in the project must then be updated to firmware version 23 through a firmware update. CODESYS Runtime is supported on the firmware side for this version and above (see Updating Firmware for Use in CODESYS).

Note: You cannot update a device with firmware version 22 directly to firmware version 24 in CODESYS. This requires a few additional steps; these are described through the examples of Edge Controllers/Touch Panels 600 and PFC200s.

The WAGO Download Center offers a 64 bit version of CODESYS V3.5 for download (recommended: CODESYS SP17 Patch 3, firmware version 23). If a 32 bit version has already been installed via CODESYS, it can also be used.

Parallel operation of e!COCKPIT and CODESYS on one PC is possible.


CODESYS itself can be used free of charge and without a license. However, some additional components require a license.

Licenses for fee-based CODESYS components that you have already purchased for e!COCKPIT (for example, the “Profiler,” “Static Analysis,” “UML” or “SVN” add-ons) cannot be reused in CODESYS. Licenses cannot be transferred due to the differences between the two software products’ license models. However, CODESYS offers bundles of different components that you can purchase together in one software package. You can transfer and synchronize these licenses using CODESYS mechanisms (“Tools” tab > “License Manager”/“License Repository”).

The required licenses for fee-based WAGO components (e.g., certain WAGO libraries, telecontrol configurators or WAGO Solution Builder) are indicated in CODESYS with the help of the CODESYS “WAGO Licensing” add-on. To transfer the required WAGO licenses, use WAGOupload.