General Information and Preparation for Conversion

  1. Prepare your project and CODESYS installation as described in Installing and Launching:
    - Update your e!COCKPIT version to 1.11.
    - In e!COCKPIT, update your projects to the newest version (firmware version 22, compiler version 3.5.17).
    - Check your application.
    - Update your devices’ firmware to firmware version 23 or higher (with WAGOupload or an SD card).
    Note: Firmware 23 is required for a functional test after migration. Do not upgrade to newer firmware until you are sure that the migration was successful. After the update, use the devices only in CODESYS.
    If you want to use the firmware version 24, this online help provides two examples of migrating Edge Controllers/Touch Panels 600 and PFC200.
    - Install CODESYS and all required components.
  2. Make a backup copy of your project in case data is lost during conversion.
  3. Now change your e!COCKPIT project’s file extension from *.ecp to *.project.
  4. In CODESYS click Open Project on the File tab and select the project file (*.project).
  5. The project appears in the device tree. A red circle with a question mark indicates that device descriptions need to be updated.
    The “Project Environment” dialog also opens. This dialog shows all the settings related to visualization profiles/symbols and placeholders for which a newer version is available.
  6. Update the project settings with [OK].